tirsdag den 1. september 2009

The prodigal cat

Being interested in mysterious phenomena ensures that you always get some rather strange letters and weird e-mails – and phone-calls, although they can be a bit of a drag, especially when some nutter calls you at four in the morning wanting to discuss the latest news from the dimension where he forgot his mind the last time he was on a picnic. But usually it is interesting and funny.
Today someone sent me a clipping from the danish newspaper Ekstrabladet from june. 25th. concerning a cat which had been reunited with its owner. Nothing special there, I hear you cry, except for the fact that the cat disappeared from said owner 10 years ago.The cat disappeared without a trace from its owner’s home in Egernsund in southern Denmark in 1999. But lo and behold – in the middle of June it was found in the town of Tinglev, about 40 kilometers from Tinglev. The owner had trouble recognizing her cat, as it was in a rather poor condition, but a number tattooed inside the cat’s left ear clinched the matter. After ten years of absense, Emma the cat was home again.

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