torsdag den 9. juni 2011

Trial and tribulations of a cryptozoology

Sometimes people ask me:What exactly is it that you do? Well - just to give you an idea. On the cryptozoological front, I am currently analyzing various hairsamples from Australia - possibly from a yowie, the australian version of Bigfoot. I have a rather large sample of hairs from an orang pendek - taken somewhere in Sumatra. There are a few antler bits making their way through DNA analysis (who knows, there might be a new species in there somewhere). A strange carcass washed up on a danish beach a couple of weeks ago - that has to be solved as well. There are 7 tissue samples waiting in line for DNA - analysis. A couple of strange bird sightings have to be checked, and there are sightings of free-living siberian chipmunks here and there too. No problem in Siberia, but a bit strange in Denmark.
Oh yes, and there's a lady who wants me to rid her house of a poltergeist. Not exactly cryptozoology, but all in a days work.

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  1. Hvilke dyr viste hårene og vævet sig at komme fra? og hvad viste det opskyllede kadavar sig at være?

    Man kan ikke poste sådan en artikel uden at lave en opfølger, det er som at se første afsnit af en krimi og aldrig se slutningen! :)