torsdag den 9. januar 2014


Strange things are a-foot (or should that be a-hoof) in little old Denmark (and in neighbouring Sweden for that matter) at the moment. 2014 have started out with a bona-fide mystery. It is not strictly cryptozoological as such, but it is rater weird.

Within the last week or so 11 dead cows have washed ashore in Denmark (3 animals) and in southern Sweden (8 animals). This is strange enough in itself, but upon closer examination of said cows, things started to take a rather sinister turn. All the cows had their back legs tied together, the abdomen had been cut open, and in case of the Swedish cows, their ears had been cut off.

People of a more paranoid persuasion have of course started muttering dark sentiments about secret government experiments, elements of the more extreme fringes of the UFO-fraternity have already started insisting on sightings of strange lights in the sky around the time of the cow findings, whereas Danish and Swedish authorities are considering whether it is a case of somebody, perhaps a ship in the Baltic, getting rid of sick or diseased cows and trying to cover their tracks by removing ears tags and so forth. They haven’t been completely thorough – one of the cows found in Denmark still had its ears – and a tag, so work is now being done trying to trace this tag. It is a kind not known in Denmark, so the theory is, it is Russian, or perhaps from some of the Baltic countries.

The Danish cows are to be examined closely at the Agricultural University in Copenhagen, where the experts hope to be able to ascertain the couse of death, and determine whether the cows had some kind of disease that would make it for example illegal to export or import them. 

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